The Hottest Workouts for Strong, Shapely, Sexy Legs

The Hottest Workouts for Strong, Shapely, Sexy Legs

In today’s day and age of information technology and sensory overload, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused and discouraged when it comes to finding an exercise program that’s simple enough to understand, perform and commit to, and most importantly – enjoy.

The following is just a sampling of the hottest types and styles of current exercise programs that will help you get great gams in no time. And once you learn them, they can be practiced on your own or in groups, at home or in the gym. So now, there’s no excuse to get the legs (and body) you’ve always dreamed of…. (click to read more)

Fruity holiday breakfast
Holiday dinners are usually no-brainers. There’s the turkey at Thanksgiving, ham at Christmas (or the seven fishes if you’re Italian) and latkes at Hanukkah. Traditional? Yes. But exciting? Well, not so much. Why not spice things up a bit this holiday with a breakfast celebration? Using the season’s best fruit, you can wake up to something deliciously different… (more inside)
Nothing to Sneeze at

Stop this season’s germs before they stop you
For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for many others, the winter means a constant battle with cold and flu  germs. Typically, these respiratory invaders kick into high gear following the holiday season, which means now is the right time to start thinking about ways to avoid getting sick.

But it’s worthwhile to note that prevention is a whole strategy in addition to boosting your intake of vitamin C. For example, healthcare experts say that habits like hand-washing and sneezing the right way (yes, there is one, so read on to find out about it) are the most beneficial…. (more inside)

Back to Nature, Hawaiian Style

Ten big adventures introduce visitors to the islands with little environmental impact
A vision of poolside hammocks and umbrella drinks may be what many people associate with a trip to Hawaii but an increasing number of visitors are choosing to experience the Aloha state in a wild way, literally. In fact, the Hawaiian Islands offer visitors the chance to explore open ocean, lush jungles and cascading waterfalls with a number of excellent day—or night—trips…. (more inside)
The Gift of Inside-Out Transformation

H2O catches up with Kat James and her newly re-released bestseller, The Truth About Beauty
With so many of us seeking to get past the endless diet and beauty hype and take more conscious and self-affirming care of ourselves, we were intrigued by the timely message and powerful personal story behind Kat James’ recently-re-released encyclopedic transformation guide, The Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks and Your Life From the Inside Out. Word-of-mouth hoisted The Truth to Amazon bestseller status in 2004, prompting publisher Simon and Schuster to take notice and re-release the updated version this year. It has been featured on PBS, and more recently, The Hallmark Channel, with endorsements by leaders in natural health such as Dr. Joseph Mercola and magazine editors…. (more inside)
What did Spot eat for dinner last night?
In March 1999, pet food crusader Ann N. Martin and I wrote an article in Better Nutrition magazine in which we shined a light on what to look for, and what to avoid, in pet food, at that time. While the pet food industry has not really cleaned up its act since then, small pet food companies that offer healthy alternatives have emerged.That being said, have you… (more inside)

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