A Guide for Gluten-Free

A Guide for Gluten-Free Living

While living gluten free can be an adjustment at first, if you are gluten sensitive it will make a huge difference in your quality of life. Celiac disease is a condition characterized by an intolerance to gluten. The disease has no cure, but avoiding the consumption of gluten can resolve its symptoms and reduce associated health risks….. (more inside)
What Every Woman Should Know about Self Defense … page 60
We all hope it will never happen to us, but you can’t ignore the statistics. In the U.S., one rape or sexual assault occurs every two minutes and one violent crime every five seconds. Being prepared may save your life. Read on to find out how…. (more inside)
Muscle Up Your Golf Game … page 64
When it comes to the game of golf, Kelly Sheehan knows her stuff. As the Head Golf Professional of The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando, the 30-year-old already has more than 10 years of golf industry experience under her belt. The first female head golf pro in the history of the company, Kelly takes her job, and being fit and healthy, seriously. Here, Kelly shares some exercises that can help take your game to the next level… (more inside)
Stop Sneezing! … page 69

Seasonal Allergy Relief…the Natural Way
Buds are appearing on the trees, bees are buzzing about, pollinating the flowers, and the grass is greening again. I know this because this is the time of year that I sit inside and stare out the window watching spring happen. I don’t dare go out and enjoy it for fear of the pounding headache, relentless congestion and week in bed that will follow… (read more on safety)
Eat to Win… page 72

Before and After Workout Nutrition
Good nutrition is essential for optimal health and top performance during any physical activity. Exercise, whether intensive or mild, increases both fluid and nutrient requirements. Incorporating the right foods and beverages prior to all exercise is essential for peak performance, whether for a brisk walk, heavy workout, or a competition… (read more)
Wet & Wild Montréal … page 78
If you like it wet and wild, you’ll love Montréal. A Quebec island (seven times larger than Manhattan) in the St. Lawrence River, the city supports a variety of mild to wild adventures for those action-seeking travelers. Whether kayaking, jet boating or touring the town by bike, Montreal is a unique and charming city definitely worth exploring… (more inside)
Get it Together … page 82

Reformed messy Mom shares real organizing tips that work
Organize! Clean! Save Time! Save Money! Feel Better! Our lives are cluttered with messages of organization and cleanliness. From infomercials touting the latest and greatest gadget to flyers in our mailboxes advertising the best organizational tools sale ever, our society is obsessed with getting it together… (more inside)
Sensational Salads … page 84
Say goodbye to the bibb blues. That’s right. If you’re tired of the same old snoozer salads, we have a few recipes to help spruce up your kitchen table this spring. Mix it up with these colorful and creative concoctions and you’ll soon be singing a different tune – one that is both healthy and tasty… (more inside)

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